The Best Gifts for the Minecraft Fanatic


A year ago if someone would have told me about Minecraft, I would have had no idea what they were talking about.  Today, it is a completely different story.

Thanks to my son, I have found myself to be pretty well versed about all things that concern Minecraft.  I even admit, I love to play it with the kids.

If you have anyone who loves to play the game as much as us, check out the following awesome gift ideas any Minecraft addict would love to have.

  • Keep hostiles away from your room
  • Looks just like the torch from the game
  • Officially licensed Minecraft collectible
  • Hangs on your wall or sits on a table

Two of the most loved creature in the Minecraft universe, have been manifested into huggable 7 inch plushies. These plush will be a favorite for the young and old alike. There durable, there soft, and there so cute.